• April 2019. Congratulations to Gabby on passing her Qualifying Exam!

  • January 2019. Welcome to Jack Strickland from iPQB programme on his rotation in Chang’s Lab.


  • December 2018. Chang’s lab off to ASCB in San Diego to present their research.

  • August 2018.  Fred, Gabby,  Joël and Arthur all present at the Plant and Microbial Cytoskeleton Gordan Research Conference in New Hampshire.

  • July 2018.  Arthur, Fred, Joel, and Catherine go to MBL at Woods Hole to do experiments with our collaborators Liam Holt, Morgan Delarue and Gohta Goshima.  

  • July 2018.  Welcome to Giusseppe Fachietti, a postdoc from Martin Howard’s lab in the UK, for visiting the lab for collaboration on cell size control.  

  • June 2018.  Our rotation students Gabby and Catherine have decided to join the lab!!  Welcome! 

  • May 2018. Arthur won the poster prize at EMBL meeting "Microtubules: From Atoms to Complex Systems" at Heidelberg, Germany

  • May 2018. Arthur presents poster at EMBL meeting "Microtubules: From Atoms to Complex Systems" at Heidelberg, Germany 

  • April 2018.  Congratulations to Pascal!  Our paper is in press at Nature!  "The outer membrane is an essential load-bearing element in Gram-negative bacteria."  Enrique Rojas .... KC Huang.     

  • April 2018.  Our paper "The XMAP215 ortholog Alp14 promotes microtubule nucleation in fission yeast" has been accepted at Current Biology.  Congratulations to Nacho (Chang lab ex-postdoc)!  

  • April 2018. Welcome to our rotation students: Gabriella Estevam from the Tetrad Program and Catherine Tan from the BMS Program! 

  • April 2018. Welcome to Joel Lemiere, a new postdoc coming from Yale University and Curie Institute (Paris, France). 

  • March 2018.  Lab outing with Dumont lab -- ice skating, escape rooms and Thai food in SF.  

  • February 2018. Arthur presents poster at 62nd Biophysical Society Meeting at San Francisco, California. 

  • February 2018. Chang's lab retreat with K.C. Huang's lab from Standford, Will Ludington's lab from Berkeley and Manuel Banzhaf from Birmingham at Las Vegas.

  • January 2018.  Pascal gives a talk on AFM at the Advanced Imaging Microscopy Workshop at UC Berkeley

  • January 2018.  Congratulations to Paula for redoing the Changlab website!


  • December 2017. Our new TIRF/Spinning Disk confocal microscope system (Andor Diskovery System from Technical Instruments) arrives

  • December 2017. Lab is off to ASCB meeting. Ben Knapp presents “Supergrowth” story at ASCB mini-symposium. Arthur and Pascal present posters. Fred is featured speaker at LGBT session at ASCB

  • December 2017. Welcome to Kieran Collins, a new postdoc from UC Santa Cruz

  • November 2017. Welcome to Paula Real, our new super-tech from Cadiz, Spain

  • November 2017. Fred gives seminar at MIT Biophysics

  • September 2017. Welcome to Suckjoon Jun, a visiting professor from UC San Diego, for his sabbatical!

  • September 2017. Good luck to Ben Knapp as he embarks for grad school at Stanford Biophysics. We’ll miss you!

  • August 2017. Presentations by Arthur and Fred at the GRC Motile and Contractile System Meeting in New Hampshire.

  • July 2017. Fred and Arthur do experiments at MBL in Woods Hole

  • May 2017. International Pombe Meeting at Banff, Canada

  • Feb 2017. Welcome to Arthur Molines, a new postdoc arriving from France


  • Dec 2016. Welcome to Pascal Odermatt, a new postdoc arriving from Switzerland.

  • Dec 2016. Ben, Fred and David Burgess present posters at ASCB.

  • July 2016. Fred, Ben and Nacho Flor-Parra work with Greg Adams and Ethan Garner at the MBL Physiology course to investigate S. pombe ameboid movement! Fred and Ben begin experiments with Liam Holt on microrrheology using GEMs nanoparticles.

  • Feb 2016. Join lab retreat with K.C. Huang’s lab at the Russian River.

  • Jan 2016. The Chang lab moves from Columbia University to UCSF! Thanks to Ben Knapp, the CTB Department, and the Dumont lab for a smooth transition!